Friday, 5 November 2010

My cat lady

Well there's the cat lady from manga books :)

I just relised that i drew the feet really big....

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

5 Part 1 of the film

Darius and Dragona went to the kitchens to get some food and Nicolette sat down on one of the marble benches watching Florence get to work. Firstly she took out a purple crystal from her cloak pocket and placed it onto the dark green grass. A beam of light exploded from it and widened until Florence said stop. She walked up to it and then toched the beam with her hand, it rippled like water and then turned blood red. "All set" muttered Florence as she noticed Darius and Dragona coming back. They sat down infront of the beam, which now looked more like a tv. Nicolette sat next to Darius who sat next to Florence who sat next to Dragona.When everyone was ready Florence clicked her fingers and the film started...

In a small but beautiful village in Moscow a little 8 year old girl was standing infront of a middle aged woman. They were standing in the living room of a large cottage, the girl was holding a black sword against her mothers face. While tears of sadness and anger trickled down her own. "Adeline, please put the sword down, you wouldn't hurt mommy" the woman said. "My name isn't Adeline Blade anymore, it's Florence Black." with that she swung her sword and her mums head rolled onto the floor, red blood ruining the delicate rugs. Florence wiped the tears away with the back of her hand and walked into the cold winter night. She blew onto her hands and ran across the snow covered meadows, dragging the black sword behind her. After what seemed like hours she reached a forest and waited. A large figure stepped from behind an oak and smiled. "You've done well young apprentice, you've done better then any. Now come, we have a new victim." Florence nodded her head, "Yes Master Robbinson." She folowed the man through the forest, taking mental pictures of everything she could. They would come handy in the futrue, being an assassin was a hard job and many people hated them. Running would become a hobby and killing nature. Florence reminded herself this every day. Robbinson stopped and took out a sniper rifle he cracked his knuckles and climbed a nearby tree. Florence sat down in a bush ready to strike. You can never be too careful. those words echoed through her head "Shut up conscience i dont need you"

Florence sat in the bush for a long time, it was cold and wet but she would have to get used to it. A rabbit ran across the snow, soon after a bush moved and a teenage boy of about 15 ran into the clearing he was panting loudly. He turned from side to side brown hair in his eyes trying to catch his breath. He turned away from Florence and was looking up the trees. she relaxed a little but still eyed the teen he was taking deep gulps of air when his body became stiff and he fell. Blood covered the white snow and the trees seemed to shift uneasily. "Look the trees are crying is this what you wanted?"
"Shut up conscience"
"This Stark Robbinson person that you call master will use you"
"leave me alone"
"Dont you understand?? kill him, thats what you've been born to do, get rid of evil, what would your father do before he was killed?? Do you remember who killed him??"
"Conscience, why are you telling me this... Master Robbinson wouldn't do that"
"You trust people to much"
"So what if I kill him? What will I do then?"
"You will flee the country, you will move to London. Dont worry i will lead you"
"Why should i trust you voice?"
"Im your conscience thats why"

"Ok i'll do it but im only 8"
"Wait till your 13 and then we'll strike"
"ok voice" Robbinson jumped down from the tree "We will need to move into the city I have a job there"
"yes" said Florence under her breath and folowed Stark as he began to walk.

5 years later.....

Florence was lieing on top of the building watching Stark while he talked buisness. "It is time." said the conscience "Shoot" The conscience the voice in her head hasn't spoken since she was 8 but Florence remembered every word it said. She took out the sniper rifle that killed many people including the 15 year old teen from the woods and aimed at Stark Robbinson's head. "When i say" said the voice. "steady" Stark stood up. "Steady" Stark shook hands with the man. "SHOOT" Florence fired and the bullet flew through Starks forehead and his body slumped to the floor. "Which way?" asked Florence. "go West" said the voice. Florence obeyed and dropping the rifle she ran west jumping from building to building. It took her two days to reach an airport and there the voice spoke again "take the blue plane"

3 months later...

Florence's phone rang and she flipped it open, "Hello?"
"Is this Florence Black?"
"One and only"
"Tommorow, Church of England, 4:00pm ,wedding, Thomas Bednarz got it?"
"I'll send someone"
"Good Day, nice doing business with you, oh and I better get my money or ill track you down too"
"dont worry it'll be there"
"Bye!" Florence shut her phone and sat infront of her computer "Thomas Bednarz..heard that before.." she hacked into the FBI data base, "Here we are..bla bla bla cheif minister Thomas Bednarz..bla bla bla..nuclear missles...bla bla.......intresting"
"Are you sure you want to help that man??"
"Were have you been for the last 3 months?? I've killed about 100 by now"
"But that person might be planning something against could be a trap"
"They expect me to go tommorow so ill go today" Florence picked up a double barreled gun, she checked the bullets and attached a silencer. She then checked the swords, if they were polished and if they were sharp enough to cut someones neck with one slice. "It's time" she mumbled and destroyed the phone before jumping out the window.

To be continued.............

Thursday, 21 October 2010

4 ooh look posh street in London!

Bridget climbed down the metal staircase and followed the teen through the pitch black alley, keeping close to the wall. He knew nothing, at least Bridget hoped so. She followed him, this person had to be Necros, Bridget could smell it. The teen kept walking his coat trailing behind him and his black dress shoes tapping on the concrete.

Oxford street was usually a very busy place even during the night. But this night it was deserted. The air was damp and the icy wind carried the smell of perfume, leather and fruit around the whole street. The night was clear and only a few stars were visible, the street lights shone and the Chinese lanterns burned slowly lighting the street and causing a lot of shadows to. Perfect for Bridget to hide in.

Nercos strolled on and turned a corner, Bridget waited a few seconds and then followed to find him starring at her arms folded. He raised his eyebrow in question, green eyes piercing through Bridget. Not finding any shadow nearby, she straightend out and said. "I am Bridget Whiplash and you are Necros am i correct?" He nodded, she stepped closer out of the half shadow and into the street light. "I am a time traveler, me and a few of my frineds saw the world die 12 times, total destruction, blood, bits of humans and animals everywere, and you Necros, you are one of the people we need to stop this from happening. I need you to come with me to the Blackthorn House, a place were you will be tought how to time travel like us." Necros looked thoughtful for a moment and then smiled. he might be hiding something thought Bridget but started walking towards Blackthorn house. "there will be trouble" she muttered under her breath "there will be trouble"


They arrived at a large 7 storey building with triple glazed windows, a flat roof and ivy covering most of the wall. There was a large brick wall that circled the house as far as Nicolette could see. Some large apple trees and marble benches were scattered around the place. And a white pebbled path led to the house, around a fountain and into a smaller brick building which had no windows but two doors on either side. "This is your new home, were we will teach, and were you will learn....Oh and catch" Florence threw Nicolette a golden key with a small clock at the end. "you will need this for your room" said Dragona giving his porsche a little polish. "We will show you the place later but now we have a night shift" he said. "I guess that i wont get sleep tonight" muttered Florence sitting herself on a bench. "well what about you show how us how dragona and I saved you from death?" asked Darius. "Fine, fine, but only if someone gets me something to starving."

Friday, 15 October 2010

3 someone different for once....

20Th August 2014
The night was dark and cold. The stars shone lightly in the cloudy sky. The street was silent and the only noise was the "thump" of thick boots. Bridget and Shade ran straight ahead trying not to turn back while jumping from building to building. The dark thing chased them, it ran on all fours, teeth bared, red eyes blazing with wild anger, it began to close the gap between itself and it's "prey" at alarming pace. Bridget the elegant vampire moved gracefully shaking strands of her chestnut brown hair out of her face. She ran making sure that her new jeans didn't have any mud marks on them a then she checked her black t-shirt. She turned to Shade her purple eyed partner. "what did that vision of yours say about moneturs chasing us?" Bridget looked back to find the hairy monetur at her heals. "Nothing" panted Shade "Absolutely nothing"
"Then someone must have fiddled with time again and attracted them to us" Bridget and Shade looked at each other and together said, "Darius and Florence"
"They were looking for a new girl...NIcolette something..." said Shade jumping onto yet another building. "Yeah but why do we have to look for that Necros person??"
"Myste.." just then the monetur had enough and lunged forward swiping Shade of his feet and pinning him down on the roof. "RUN, run like the wind, get Necros and make sure everyone else is safe leave me, let me die at ladt." Tears stung Bridgets eyes but she done as she was told. She sprinted of keeping the tears from falling as Shade's screams of pain followed her. She blocked them out and climbed of the roof of a hotel taking refuge under a gargoyle. MAking sure no one could see her she wept. Loosing a partner, a friend since the age of three, was the worst thing that ever happenedto Bridget. It began to rain.

Heavy droplets dropped onto the gargoyle and the water dripped onto Bridgets face. It washed away the tears of pain, regret and loss making her feel stronger. She wiped the water on her face and climbed onto the building again. She retraced her steps and found the monetur licking the left-over blood on Shade's bones. "Gross" she muttered taking out her black leather whip and clicking her fingers. She stopped time which didn't affect the beast but gave Bridget all the space she needed. She remebered how Shade sprayed her with water everytime she done it wrong. Smiling she cracked her whip. The beast was full so it wouldnt be able to fight so it ran instead. Bridget jumped onto the next building and shouted "I know who you are, I dont know were you live but one day i will hunt you down and kill you, it might not be this week or year but beware." She sighed and gathered Shades remains into a neat little pile. She stood infront of it and saluted in respect the usual vampire way but crossing your hands over your chest and bowing. That done she dropped of the building. "Time to find Alex" she muttered to herself putting time back to its normal pace and shielding her eyes from the raising sun.


23RD August 2014
bridget climbed down the metal staircase, carefull not to make the metal creak. She folowed the teen through the pitch black alley keeping close to the wall. He knew nothing, at least Bridget hoped he didn't, She folowed him,this person had to be Necros, Bridget could smell it.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


OMG HOW COULD SHE!! i drew skulduggery for my cousin and she coloured him in and said he was a funky dunky D:!!!

I dunno in which order they will come up in but one is a copy of dragonas....there thats all! :D

Thursday, 7 October 2010

2 A starring thing

Florence shook her head "common lets go" she said. Darius clicked his fingers and time slowed once again. The wind stopped howling the leaves on the nearby trees stopped rustling and the swallows became a still blurr in the darkening sky. "whats the point of stopping time now?" asked Nicolette as she followed Florence and Darius out of the grey grave-yard. "Look at the sky it's going to be night soon and the night is dangerous... and I would take that coat off it reeks of blood" said Darius smiling his cocky bad boy smile. "we'll get you a new one, pinkie promise" said Florence turning around smiling. "plus Dragona would rather eat a zombie's sock for dinner and it's brain for dessert then let something ruin his car."
"Who is Dragona?" asked Nicolette imagining someone eating a zombies sock and brain. Darius and Florence smiled at each over secretly. "You'll find out sooner the you think" said Darius. "So were will we go?" asked Nicolette. "Bed" said Florence running her hand through her long black hair. "What?!? I'm tired, i killed a lot of things today. Plus you know Darius might be tired himself" she said noticing the disappointed look on Nicolette face. "A good rest never hurt anyone....unless Florence got involved." Darius added smiling. "Or you could practise a thing or two with Dragona while we rest, he is a good teacher..he loves danger but is still a good teacher."

They walked on the deserted dust path only passing a fox who was ready to spring at a little white rabbit. They walked on in silence until Nicolette felt something starring at her, something that didn't belong. "Erm am I the only one with a feeling that something s starring at me?"
"No I can feel it to." said Florence drawing her swords out who were darker then the night but shiner then the stars. Darius done the same but his swords were the shiniest silver and they had golden imprints on them. Nicolette thinking that it would be a good idea to be armed as well so she took out some daggers. They waited and waited. Florence sniffed the air a couple of times and looked at Darius. He nodded and Florence launched herself into a nearby bush and disappeared from view.

Darius started walking and Nicolette followed. "Were did Florence go?" she asked. "She is checking out the rest of the wood" was all what Darius could say when a huge beast with sharp yellow teeth jumped out. It stood in their path red eyes glowing. It had arms which were too big so they dragged on the ground. Its legs were short but the feet were huge and hairy with large claws that curled it had blood on it teeth so it must have been eating. The beast snarled and charged towards Nicolette teeth bared. It was 1 metre away from her when Florence who was covered in blood lunged at the thing and sitting herself on its back. She kicked it with her boots. The beast howled and waved its arms around. "Shit" muttered Florence as the hand hit her and she fell on the ground dropping her swords. That's when Darius decided to help he ran at the beast in in-human speed. Slicing and cutting as he ran round and round. The beast finally toppled over and didn't move. Dead.

Darius ran towards Florence who was desperately trying to clean the cut on her forehead that was bleeding. "Leave it" said Darius picking her up. Nicolette decided to help. She picked up the swords and helped Daruis support Florence, who was still wiping her forehead. "I said leave it" said Darius pulling her arms down. Florence sighed and found her balance. Taking the swords from Nicolette she mutterd "Why am I the one that always gets hurt?"
"Because you are the one who always notices something wrong and you are the one who always acts before she thinks." answered Darius walking slowly. "Look there Dragona's car" he pointed at a black Porsche 911 GT3 RS. "Finnaly" said Florence. As they reached the car.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

1 I Dont Do Fancy Intros...

Nicolette was chained to the wall in a cave. She turned her body to the skeleton next to her and started asking it how she got here. The skeleton wasn't magical it wouldn't jump up and shout boo or put on Skulduggery Pleasant's clothes on, and start solving mysteries. (yes she absoultley loved Derek Landy's books) It was just an ordinary skeleton that was driving Nicolette crazy. Nicolette rocked herself from side to side humming twinkle twinkle little star to herself while trying to remeber how she got here, and then her memory came back. She remebered everything.

The damp and dark autumn days were getting shorter and colder. The grave-yard was untidy. Brown, red and orange leaves were blown across the ground by the strong wind. Some of the grey statues and headstones were getting knocked over, while Nicolette, the young 16 year old guarded the entrence to the grave-yard. She leaned against the old crooked tree, while her long coat flapped in the wind wildly. She took out on of her daggers and threw then caught it and then threw it up again higher everytime.

About 5 seconds later two people caught her eye. A teenager of about 19, with short brown hair, blue eyes and an army jacket was carrying two long swords by his dark blue jeans and brown leather boots. He was well built and ready for any fight. The other teenager also around the age of 19 with black hair, highlighted with dark purple streaks was down to her waist and weirdly it looked very natural. She had charcoal black eyes and a long hooded cloak. The gust of wind blew it and revealed that the girl was wearing a red and black checkered skirt black fishnets and black knee high boots with thin chains going around them. Strapped to her thighs were two her scabbards which each contained two black swords.

They were both running towards Nicolette with in-human speed but according to the girl it was too slow she took out a sword and chucked it at Nicolette. The sword cut though the air and would hit Nicolette square in the face if she wouldn't have ducked. It hit something behind her because there was a ear piercing howl and Nicolette found herself suddenly covered in blood. "Shit that's the fith coat i've got to throw away."
"Dont worry we will buy you a new one." said the girl. "I am Florence Black and this is Darius Davenport, Double D we call him. And im guessing that you are Nicolette Croga?" Nicolette felt confused these teenagers were about 3 miles away and they ran it in seconds. Darius walked over to the furry beast with green piercing eyes and blood stained canines. He walked around it a couple of times examining it and then took out the blood covered sword. He wiped it against the beasts fur and chucked it over to Florence, he muttered something about it being the tenth one this night.

"Hi yh im Nicolette" she stuck her hand out waiting for a handshake of somesort which never really happened. "I dont do fancy intros" said Florence as Nicolette dropped her hand awkwardly. "we are what you call nowdays Time Travelers." Nicolette sat down on one of the nearby graves legs crossed finding these teens quite amusing. "I can demonstrate for you if you dont believe her." said Darius' velvety voice centimetre's away from her ear. She turned around to find air and nothing else. "Over here" said Darius, But this time his velvety vaoce was dripping with sarasm.

Florence rolled her eyes. "Demonstrate properly if you have to do it."
"Fine, fine look at that bird its coming right at you." he was sitting next to NIcolette pointing at a fat pigeon which was truly flying towards her. Darius lifted his hand up and the bird began to slow down its wongs flapped slower with every second until it came into a sudden halt. "There you have it a perfect demonstration of how time travelers stop time for thier own benefit" said Florence folding her arms and starring at Darius, like she had something against him from the past. "Well you say that I use it for my benefit well who slowed time down so that we could run those 3 miles faster?" he smiled at himself probably thinking that it was the best comeback. "Yh well who keeps stopping time so that he has more time playing on the X-BOX before work?"
"Shut up both of you and explain what you want from me?" shouted Nicolette. "Oooh stressy." said Darius standing by Florence again. "Times flowing at its normal pace again so i would watch out for that bird" said Darius. Nicolette ducked as the bird flew over her head. "See I told you that if you warn then you mess up all the fun" said Florence. "Anyway we are here to make you a time travalar just like us." said Florence smiling. "What if I say no?"
"Then the world will die" said Darius. "we already saw the world die twelve times and it was because we couldn't find you everytime." said Florence a faraway look in her eyes. "Erm but you know that it's kinda weird that you were looking for me like seriously I was always the not needed one for all that I know and now the world will die because of me..."
"Yes we worked that out" said Darius smiling again. "So are you coming?"
"Hell yea!" shouted Nicolette jumping up.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hmmmm... IMPORTANT!!!!!!

ok yes i have been thinking a lot and i know that i have messed up my blog really....i will delete the old posts and start a new story all together....i just kinda messed it up you see and i lost my train of thinking because of some *bald coot* who kept asking me for his hair back.... erm yh i do say train of thinking but anyway.

if you would like to be in my new stories then please say! :D i have already started writing and i am very sorry that i once again messed up in something....ahh anyway my new stories will be along the same lines but just not skulduggery pleasant....