Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hmmmm... IMPORTANT!!!!!!

ok yes i have been thinking a lot and i know that i have messed up my blog really....i will delete the old posts and start a new story all together....i just kinda messed it up you see and i lost my train of thinking because of some *bald coot* who kept asking me for his hair back.... erm yh i do say train of thinking but anyway.

if you would like to be in my new stories then please say! :D i have already started writing and i am very sorry that i once again messed up in something....ahh anyway my new stories will be along the same lines but just not skulduggery pleasant....



  1. Why do you hate Leo so much???

  2. don't delete the old posts! just start a new story line, that's what i do. what is going on with you and Leo anyway?

  3. What is going on flo?? i 'm sooo sorry!!! i didn't know you'd stop writing!!!!! I thought the feud was over!!!! why don't you like me????

  4. Hey Flo! Can't wait for your stories! :D

  5. ok i cant decide weather to make it romantic action or both.....ive made myself confused to much already so i need to know what you think...

  6. Name: Nicolette Croga

    Age: 28 looks early teens

    Magic: strong elemental good with guns and swords but amazing with her daggers can hit things from far distances and never misses

    Description: brown hair with copper red and blonde highlights. Hazel eyes, soft pretty face thin figure slight muscles


    Personality: nice kind and caring only aggressive when angered or attacked

    and both but mostly romantic but still loads of action :]