Sunday, 3 October 2010

1 I Dont Do Fancy Intros...

Nicolette was chained to the wall in a cave. She turned her body to the skeleton next to her and started asking it how she got here. The skeleton wasn't magical it wouldn't jump up and shout boo or put on Skulduggery Pleasant's clothes on, and start solving mysteries. (yes she absoultley loved Derek Landy's books) It was just an ordinary skeleton that was driving Nicolette crazy. Nicolette rocked herself from side to side humming twinkle twinkle little star to herself while trying to remeber how she got here, and then her memory came back. She remebered everything.

The damp and dark autumn days were getting shorter and colder. The grave-yard was untidy. Brown, red and orange leaves were blown across the ground by the strong wind. Some of the grey statues and headstones were getting knocked over, while Nicolette, the young 16 year old guarded the entrence to the grave-yard. She leaned against the old crooked tree, while her long coat flapped in the wind wildly. She took out on of her daggers and threw then caught it and then threw it up again higher everytime.

About 5 seconds later two people caught her eye. A teenager of about 19, with short brown hair, blue eyes and an army jacket was carrying two long swords by his dark blue jeans and brown leather boots. He was well built and ready for any fight. The other teenager also around the age of 19 with black hair, highlighted with dark purple streaks was down to her waist and weirdly it looked very natural. She had charcoal black eyes and a long hooded cloak. The gust of wind blew it and revealed that the girl was wearing a red and black checkered skirt black fishnets and black knee high boots with thin chains going around them. Strapped to her thighs were two her scabbards which each contained two black swords.

They were both running towards Nicolette with in-human speed but according to the girl it was too slow she took out a sword and chucked it at Nicolette. The sword cut though the air and would hit Nicolette square in the face if she wouldn't have ducked. It hit something behind her because there was a ear piercing howl and Nicolette found herself suddenly covered in blood. "Shit that's the fith coat i've got to throw away."
"Dont worry we will buy you a new one." said the girl. "I am Florence Black and this is Darius Davenport, Double D we call him. And im guessing that you are Nicolette Croga?" Nicolette felt confused these teenagers were about 3 miles away and they ran it in seconds. Darius walked over to the furry beast with green piercing eyes and blood stained canines. He walked around it a couple of times examining it and then took out the blood covered sword. He wiped it against the beasts fur and chucked it over to Florence, he muttered something about it being the tenth one this night.

"Hi yh im Nicolette" she stuck her hand out waiting for a handshake of somesort which never really happened. "I dont do fancy intros" said Florence as Nicolette dropped her hand awkwardly. "we are what you call nowdays Time Travelers." Nicolette sat down on one of the nearby graves legs crossed finding these teens quite amusing. "I can demonstrate for you if you dont believe her." said Darius' velvety voice centimetre's away from her ear. She turned around to find air and nothing else. "Over here" said Darius, But this time his velvety vaoce was dripping with sarasm.

Florence rolled her eyes. "Demonstrate properly if you have to do it."
"Fine, fine look at that bird its coming right at you." he was sitting next to NIcolette pointing at a fat pigeon which was truly flying towards her. Darius lifted his hand up and the bird began to slow down its wongs flapped slower with every second until it came into a sudden halt. "There you have it a perfect demonstration of how time travelers stop time for thier own benefit" said Florence folding her arms and starring at Darius, like she had something against him from the past. "Well you say that I use it for my benefit well who slowed time down so that we could run those 3 miles faster?" he smiled at himself probably thinking that it was the best comeback. "Yh well who keeps stopping time so that he has more time playing on the X-BOX before work?"
"Shut up both of you and explain what you want from me?" shouted Nicolette. "Oooh stressy." said Darius standing by Florence again. "Times flowing at its normal pace again so i would watch out for that bird" said Darius. Nicolette ducked as the bird flew over her head. "See I told you that if you warn then you mess up all the fun" said Florence. "Anyway we are here to make you a time travalar just like us." said Florence smiling. "What if I say no?"
"Then the world will die" said Darius. "we already saw the world die twelve times and it was because we couldn't find you everytime." said Florence a faraway look in her eyes. "Erm but you know that it's kinda weird that you were looking for me like seriously I was always the not needed one for all that I know and now the world will die because of me..."
"Yes we worked that out" said Darius smiling again. "So are you coming?"
"Hell yea!" shouted Nicolette jumping up.


  1. Very cool writing! I love the descriptions of the characters and the scenery. Very imaginative; controling time. I'm glad you started writing again, Florence! :D Can't wait for the next part!

  2. Really good!!! I actually think it;s better than the last set of storys!!! there is better descriptive language and stuff . . .(I hate my English teacher she is making me see stuff like that rather than just reading and enjoying. . . curse her . .)

    It's still awesome though!!!!(No one says awesome where i come from . . .)

  3. let me catch you on that leo yh it is better thats why i deleted the other ones and started a new fanfic

  4. Flo, this is awsome, could I be in it? PLLEEEAAASSEEE?