Thursday, 7 October 2010

2 A starring thing

Florence shook her head "common lets go" she said. Darius clicked his fingers and time slowed once again. The wind stopped howling the leaves on the nearby trees stopped rustling and the swallows became a still blurr in the darkening sky. "whats the point of stopping time now?" asked Nicolette as she followed Florence and Darius out of the grey grave-yard. "Look at the sky it's going to be night soon and the night is dangerous... and I would take that coat off it reeks of blood" said Darius smiling his cocky bad boy smile. "we'll get you a new one, pinkie promise" said Florence turning around smiling. "plus Dragona would rather eat a zombie's sock for dinner and it's brain for dessert then let something ruin his car."
"Who is Dragona?" asked Nicolette imagining someone eating a zombies sock and brain. Darius and Florence smiled at each over secretly. "You'll find out sooner the you think" said Darius. "So were will we go?" asked Nicolette. "Bed" said Florence running her hand through her long black hair. "What?!? I'm tired, i killed a lot of things today. Plus you know Darius might be tired himself" she said noticing the disappointed look on Nicolette face. "A good rest never hurt anyone....unless Florence got involved." Darius added smiling. "Or you could practise a thing or two with Dragona while we rest, he is a good teacher..he loves danger but is still a good teacher."

They walked on the deserted dust path only passing a fox who was ready to spring at a little white rabbit. They walked on in silence until Nicolette felt something starring at her, something that didn't belong. "Erm am I the only one with a feeling that something s starring at me?"
"No I can feel it to." said Florence drawing her swords out who were darker then the night but shiner then the stars. Darius done the same but his swords were the shiniest silver and they had golden imprints on them. Nicolette thinking that it would be a good idea to be armed as well so she took out some daggers. They waited and waited. Florence sniffed the air a couple of times and looked at Darius. He nodded and Florence launched herself into a nearby bush and disappeared from view.

Darius started walking and Nicolette followed. "Were did Florence go?" she asked. "She is checking out the rest of the wood" was all what Darius could say when a huge beast with sharp yellow teeth jumped out. It stood in their path red eyes glowing. It had arms which were too big so they dragged on the ground. Its legs were short but the feet were huge and hairy with large claws that curled it had blood on it teeth so it must have been eating. The beast snarled and charged towards Nicolette teeth bared. It was 1 metre away from her when Florence who was covered in blood lunged at the thing and sitting herself on its back. She kicked it with her boots. The beast howled and waved its arms around. "Shit" muttered Florence as the hand hit her and she fell on the ground dropping her swords. That's when Darius decided to help he ran at the beast in in-human speed. Slicing and cutting as he ran round and round. The beast finally toppled over and didn't move. Dead.

Darius ran towards Florence who was desperately trying to clean the cut on her forehead that was bleeding. "Leave it" said Darius picking her up. Nicolette decided to help. She picked up the swords and helped Daruis support Florence, who was still wiping her forehead. "I said leave it" said Darius pulling her arms down. Florence sighed and found her balance. Taking the swords from Nicolette she mutterd "Why am I the one that always gets hurt?"
"Because you are the one who always notices something wrong and you are the one who always acts before she thinks." answered Darius walking slowly. "Look there Dragona's car" he pointed at a black Porsche 911 GT3 RS. "Finnaly" said Florence. As they reached the car.


  1. 1st comment!!! (eva for me!!)

    Awesome!! love the fight and violence and especially SHIT!! One of the best fan fics i have ever read!

  2. AWSOME!!!

    Yes I would rather eat a zombie's sock than wreck my Porsche!

    Thanks for including me, and my car FLo...

  3. really cool Flo! can you add Bridget? Every story needs a kick @$$ vampire

  4. hehehe course....and that gives me another idea...