Friday, 15 October 2010

3 someone different for once....

20Th August 2014
The night was dark and cold. The stars shone lightly in the cloudy sky. The street was silent and the only noise was the "thump" of thick boots. Bridget and Shade ran straight ahead trying not to turn back while jumping from building to building. The dark thing chased them, it ran on all fours, teeth bared, red eyes blazing with wild anger, it began to close the gap between itself and it's "prey" at alarming pace. Bridget the elegant vampire moved gracefully shaking strands of her chestnut brown hair out of her face. She ran making sure that her new jeans didn't have any mud marks on them a then she checked her black t-shirt. She turned to Shade her purple eyed partner. "what did that vision of yours say about moneturs chasing us?" Bridget looked back to find the hairy monetur at her heals. "Nothing" panted Shade "Absolutely nothing"
"Then someone must have fiddled with time again and attracted them to us" Bridget and Shade looked at each other and together said, "Darius and Florence"
"They were looking for a new girl...NIcolette something..." said Shade jumping onto yet another building. "Yeah but why do we have to look for that Necros person??"
"Myste.." just then the monetur had enough and lunged forward swiping Shade of his feet and pinning him down on the roof. "RUN, run like the wind, get Necros and make sure everyone else is safe leave me, let me die at ladt." Tears stung Bridgets eyes but she done as she was told. She sprinted of keeping the tears from falling as Shade's screams of pain followed her. She blocked them out and climbed of the roof of a hotel taking refuge under a gargoyle. MAking sure no one could see her she wept. Loosing a partner, a friend since the age of three, was the worst thing that ever happenedto Bridget. It began to rain.

Heavy droplets dropped onto the gargoyle and the water dripped onto Bridgets face. It washed away the tears of pain, regret and loss making her feel stronger. She wiped the water on her face and climbed onto the building again. She retraced her steps and found the monetur licking the left-over blood on Shade's bones. "Gross" she muttered taking out her black leather whip and clicking her fingers. She stopped time which didn't affect the beast but gave Bridget all the space she needed. She remebered how Shade sprayed her with water everytime she done it wrong. Smiling she cracked her whip. The beast was full so it wouldnt be able to fight so it ran instead. Bridget jumped onto the next building and shouted "I know who you are, I dont know were you live but one day i will hunt you down and kill you, it might not be this week or year but beware." She sighed and gathered Shades remains into a neat little pile. She stood infront of it and saluted in respect the usual vampire way but crossing your hands over your chest and bowing. That done she dropped of the building. "Time to find Alex" she muttered to herself putting time back to its normal pace and shielding her eyes from the raising sun.


23RD August 2014
bridget climbed down the metal staircase, carefull not to make the metal creak. She folowed the teen through the pitch black alley keeping close to the wall. He knew nothing, at least Bridget hoped he didn't, She folowed him,this person had to be Necros, Bridget could smell it.


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    I'm a snake ssssssssssss

  2. I M sorry i made you cry lizzy....

  3. awww, i feel bad for Bridget that she lost her partner, but she really does NOT cry

  4. heheh i know BUT you wept although its the same thing...still i had to have some tragedy :D


    now since i have missed like 11 parts of everyones fan-fics im off to another. just call me the fan-fic fairy *wizzes off* wait....never call me that.