Thursday, 21 October 2010

4 ooh look posh street in London!

Bridget climbed down the metal staircase and followed the teen through the pitch black alley, keeping close to the wall. He knew nothing, at least Bridget hoped so. She followed him, this person had to be Necros, Bridget could smell it. The teen kept walking his coat trailing behind him and his black dress shoes tapping on the concrete.

Oxford street was usually a very busy place even during the night. But this night it was deserted. The air was damp and the icy wind carried the smell of perfume, leather and fruit around the whole street. The night was clear and only a few stars were visible, the street lights shone and the Chinese lanterns burned slowly lighting the street and causing a lot of shadows to. Perfect for Bridget to hide in.

Nercos strolled on and turned a corner, Bridget waited a few seconds and then followed to find him starring at her arms folded. He raised his eyebrow in question, green eyes piercing through Bridget. Not finding any shadow nearby, she straightend out and said. "I am Bridget Whiplash and you are Necros am i correct?" He nodded, she stepped closer out of the half shadow and into the street light. "I am a time traveler, me and a few of my frineds saw the world die 12 times, total destruction, blood, bits of humans and animals everywere, and you Necros, you are one of the people we need to stop this from happening. I need you to come with me to the Blackthorn House, a place were you will be tought how to time travel like us." Necros looked thoughtful for a moment and then smiled. he might be hiding something thought Bridget but started walking towards Blackthorn house. "there will be trouble" she muttered under her breath "there will be trouble"


They arrived at a large 7 storey building with triple glazed windows, a flat roof and ivy covering most of the wall. There was a large brick wall that circled the house as far as Nicolette could see. Some large apple trees and marble benches were scattered around the place. And a white pebbled path led to the house, around a fountain and into a smaller brick building which had no windows but two doors on either side. "This is your new home, were we will teach, and were you will learn....Oh and catch" Florence threw Nicolette a golden key with a small clock at the end. "you will need this for your room" said Dragona giving his porsche a little polish. "We will show you the place later but now we have a night shift" he said. "I guess that i wont get sleep tonight" muttered Florence sitting herself on a bench. "well what about you show how us how dragona and I saved you from death?" asked Darius. "Fine, fine, but only if someone gets me something to starving."


  1. BRILLIANT, FLORENCE! Wonderful story. I love your talent! Thaks for posting this!

  2. Super Amazing!!!!!!! EPIC!!! keep em coming!!!

  3. love it!!!!!!!!!! SUPER DUPER AMAZING! WOOTSSSS!
    on a different note did you know there is an emergency clown nose kit on florence? i imediatly thought of u when i saw it!