Wednesday, 27 October 2010

5 Part 1 of the film

Darius and Dragona went to the kitchens to get some food and Nicolette sat down on one of the marble benches watching Florence get to work. Firstly she took out a purple crystal from her cloak pocket and placed it onto the dark green grass. A beam of light exploded from it and widened until Florence said stop. She walked up to it and then toched the beam with her hand, it rippled like water and then turned blood red. "All set" muttered Florence as she noticed Darius and Dragona coming back. They sat down infront of the beam, which now looked more like a tv. Nicolette sat next to Darius who sat next to Florence who sat next to Dragona.When everyone was ready Florence clicked her fingers and the film started...

In a small but beautiful village in Moscow a little 8 year old girl was standing infront of a middle aged woman. They were standing in the living room of a large cottage, the girl was holding a black sword against her mothers face. While tears of sadness and anger trickled down her own. "Adeline, please put the sword down, you wouldn't hurt mommy" the woman said. "My name isn't Adeline Blade anymore, it's Florence Black." with that she swung her sword and her mums head rolled onto the floor, red blood ruining the delicate rugs. Florence wiped the tears away with the back of her hand and walked into the cold winter night. She blew onto her hands and ran across the snow covered meadows, dragging the black sword behind her. After what seemed like hours she reached a forest and waited. A large figure stepped from behind an oak and smiled. "You've done well young apprentice, you've done better then any. Now come, we have a new victim." Florence nodded her head, "Yes Master Robbinson." She folowed the man through the forest, taking mental pictures of everything she could. They would come handy in the futrue, being an assassin was a hard job and many people hated them. Running would become a hobby and killing nature. Florence reminded herself this every day. Robbinson stopped and took out a sniper rifle he cracked his knuckles and climbed a nearby tree. Florence sat down in a bush ready to strike. You can never be too careful. those words echoed through her head "Shut up conscience i dont need you"

Florence sat in the bush for a long time, it was cold and wet but she would have to get used to it. A rabbit ran across the snow, soon after a bush moved and a teenage boy of about 15 ran into the clearing he was panting loudly. He turned from side to side brown hair in his eyes trying to catch his breath. He turned away from Florence and was looking up the trees. she relaxed a little but still eyed the teen he was taking deep gulps of air when his body became stiff and he fell. Blood covered the white snow and the trees seemed to shift uneasily. "Look the trees are crying is this what you wanted?"
"Shut up conscience"
"This Stark Robbinson person that you call master will use you"
"leave me alone"
"Dont you understand?? kill him, thats what you've been born to do, get rid of evil, what would your father do before he was killed?? Do you remember who killed him??"
"Conscience, why are you telling me this... Master Robbinson wouldn't do that"
"You trust people to much"
"So what if I kill him? What will I do then?"
"You will flee the country, you will move to London. Dont worry i will lead you"
"Why should i trust you voice?"
"Im your conscience thats why"

"Ok i'll do it but im only 8"
"Wait till your 13 and then we'll strike"
"ok voice" Robbinson jumped down from the tree "We will need to move into the city I have a job there"
"yes" said Florence under her breath and folowed Stark as he began to walk.

5 years later.....

Florence was lieing on top of the building watching Stark while he talked buisness. "It is time." said the conscience "Shoot" The conscience the voice in her head hasn't spoken since she was 8 but Florence remembered every word it said. She took out the sniper rifle that killed many people including the 15 year old teen from the woods and aimed at Stark Robbinson's head. "When i say" said the voice. "steady" Stark stood up. "Steady" Stark shook hands with the man. "SHOOT" Florence fired and the bullet flew through Starks forehead and his body slumped to the floor. "Which way?" asked Florence. "go West" said the voice. Florence obeyed and dropping the rifle she ran west jumping from building to building. It took her two days to reach an airport and there the voice spoke again "take the blue plane"

3 months later...

Florence's phone rang and she flipped it open, "Hello?"
"Is this Florence Black?"
"One and only"
"Tommorow, Church of England, 4:00pm ,wedding, Thomas Bednarz got it?"
"I'll send someone"
"Good Day, nice doing business with you, oh and I better get my money or ill track you down too"
"dont worry it'll be there"
"Bye!" Florence shut her phone and sat infront of her computer "Thomas Bednarz..heard that before.." she hacked into the FBI data base, "Here we are..bla bla bla cheif minister Thomas Bednarz..bla bla bla..nuclear missles...bla bla.......intresting"
"Are you sure you want to help that man??"
"Were have you been for the last 3 months?? I've killed about 100 by now"
"But that person might be planning something against could be a trap"
"They expect me to go tommorow so ill go today" Florence picked up a double barreled gun, she checked the bullets and attached a silencer. She then checked the swords, if they were polished and if they were sharp enough to cut someones neck with one slice. "It's time" she mumbled and destroyed the phone before jumping out the window.

To be continued.............


  1. i was just reading through it and i found a whole load of stuff which i put can you with your tears with the back of your friend??

  2. wipe tears not with tears...

  3. thanks nice you liked it...its a bit call of duty if you ask me though....

  4. WOW! Florence! This is amazing!!!!!! Very well written! AWESOME!!!!!!